Commercial Epoxy Flooring

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Whether you are applying a commercial epoxy flooring to a retail space, your showroom, parking garage, or mechanic shop, our best in class team will make sure that the investment in your facilities is top quality. Read more for some examples of some of the commercial epoxy applications that we have performed.

Parking Garage Epoxy Flooring

Keep your parking facilities looking sharp with a commercial epoxy flooring application. We have installed decorative branded epoxy coatings and high functional epoxy coatings in parking garages. The benefits of adding a commercial epoxy coating to your garage are pretty straight forward. The investment pays off greatly when you protect your parking garage concrete from moisture and weathered elements with a secure and durable epoxy finish. Vehicle traction on flat and inclined surfaces is also improved by applying a commercial epoxy coating. Using epoxy color variations and epoxy texture variations will help with designating parking areas, safe walking areas, and social areas. Reach out to us for your free commercial epoxy flooring estimate.

Auto Garage Epoxy Flooring

Applying a commercial epoxy coating to a mechanic shop floor is nearly essential. The vibrant, clean, and durable surface will provide a proud place for your mechanics to work. With the an impact resistant and slip resistant epoxy flooring, safety for your mechanics and your auto garage flooring will be a priority. By applying epoxy color variations, you could easily identify safe walking zones, tool placement areas, clearly defined bays, and designated customer waiting areas (for those that like to watch). The garage epoxy floor surface is a jiffy to clean when oil, brake, or transmission fluids spill. Commercial epoxy flooring is chemically hardened and durable to withstand continuous uses of degreasers and floor cleaners for those hard to keep clean areas. Give us a call today for a quick estimate for your auto garage shop flooring.

Retail Epoxy Flooring

Adding a commercial epoxy flooring to your retail space will give it a professional finish and just the right flare to set your retail space apart from the competition. Our endless commercial epoxy flooring options for the retail industry make it an easy process to match your unique brand, style, and welcoming customer experience that you’re trying to achiever. The texture variations combined with the durability of a floor that doesn’t strip or peel, will give you an investment to be proud of. There are several affordable options with retail commercial epoxy flooring. An epoxy floor will look fantastic in several retail environments, some that may include: apparel, pet supplies, sporting goods, workout equipment, jewelry, electronic stores, postal centers, and much more. We’d like to encourage you to reach out to us to see how we can help add just the right flare to your retail space.


Easy Maintenance

Epoxy flooring is very simple to care for. With simple cleaning on occasion, and a reseal every five years, your floors should remain in great shape for decades!

Fewer Particulates

These floors are not going to hold onto dust and other particulates as easily as normal flooring. This means that sweeping and cleaning this type of flooring regularly will be much easier compared to traditional floors.


Another great thing about this type of flooring is the fact that it is able to offer slip resistance. This can be especially helpful on wet floors and in areas where safety is going to be a primary concern.

Fast Installation

The installation of epoxy coating in normal conditions is relatively quick, especially when you have the professionals doing it for you. Preparation is the key to ensuring a fast, easy, and quality installation.


You want to have flooring that is going to last and that can stand up to the abuses of weather and everyday traffic. Epoxy hardens into a protective shell that has the potential to last a lifetime with proper care. It will remain looking good for much longer than many other types of flooring.

Creative & Beautiful Designs

While it is true that epoxy flooring has quite a bit of use in the industrial sector, that does not mean that it has to have a sterile industrial appearance. Residential homes working with professionals are able to create some beautiful designs and aesthetically pleasing floors with this type of coating.

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